The purpose of this blog is to attempt to run 365 days in a row to benefit LIVESTRONG. With the help of great nutrition advice, a solid running team, and the proper equipment, I hope to achieve this mission. The MINIMUM run is 20 minutes per day.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 7 of 52

(Superior Downhill mile - 2009)

WEEK 7: 60.05 Miles

3-28-11 / 53:33.27
3-29-11 / 1:16.06
3-30-11 / 1:15.90
3-31-11 / 1:17.16
4-1-11 / 52:43.32
4-2-11 / 57:28.18
4-3-11 / 2:05.45


So to sum up this week of running I will just say: HOLY WINDY! Every day I literally have a note down that says windy. Makes you stronger right?!?!

As promised this will be my first week to add both a nutritional lesson from my own experiences through the help of my new partnership with Max Muscle Sports Nutrition of Boulder. Oh and while you are at it fan them on facebook too, ( )

So for my tid bit of the week...I introduce the supplement enduromax! This is noted as the "ultimate endurance supplement." I took this before my uber windy yet beautiful long run on Sunday. Enduromax is modeled after the ASCM guidelines for fluid and electrolyte replacement during exercise. Enduromax gives you the fuel you need for endurance exercise providing multi-source/molecular weight carbohydrates including maltodextrin, sucrose, and dextrose in the recommended ratios. It also contains L-Glutamine and branched-chain amino acids. It also contains other energizing factors to maintain ATP production. Basically it is simply Bad A$$!

For the added synopsis... The flavor to date is lime. Didn't think I would like it but it was actually really tasty. It is a simple consistency and does not feel heavy. And if you have one heack of a stubborn digestive system like mine, I was A OK and this digested great and gave me tons of fuel.

Plain and simple "enduromax provides you with exactly what you need during exercise, nothing more and nothing less."

As also promised each week I will announce a component related to LIVESTRONG.

In the spring edition of the Livestrong Quartery, they showcased an article about an awesome program called RxArt. Check out their site here!

"RxArt is a non-profit organization dedicated to placing original fine art in patient, procedure and examination rooms of healthcare facilities. Our mission is to improve otherwise sterile environments through contemporary art, promote healing, and inspire hope in patients, families and staff."

Check out this fun CAT scan.
It is things like this that take sickness, to smiles, and hope!

To donate to LIVESTRONG, please click here!

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