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Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 9 of 52

(Monterey morning run!)
WEEK 9: 35.11 Miles (self)
4-11-11 / 31:48.64
4-12-11 / AM: 1:09.29 / PM: 41:12.81
4-13-11 / 1:22.07
4-14-11 / 1:06.56
4-15-11 / 21:19.76 (Joni)
4-16-11 / 29:36.83 (Joni)
4-17-11 / 22:33 (Joni)

Hey there folks,

Well as many of you know it has been one heck of a week to say the least. I started my week off in a CCK-HIDA scan and still managing to get through my runs with the help of nausea meds and by the end of the week I was in total shut down and back early from a work trip getting my gall bladder and appendix removed. The two little culprits of my on and off sickness lately and quite frankly for probably longer than I even know when looking back on certain cycles or side effects and sickess that I have experienced.

So I have two options with my mission... Option A: I could just drop in the towel here and say, in 9 weeks I failed my mission. Or Option B: I could say that surgery is an exception and thankfully my bestie Joni Fournier stepped in and kept the mission going for me when I was literally not physically capable of it. And so on Friday while waiting to be admitted for surgery Joni and I chose option B and helped the mission move on. Joni filled in my gap for me and I can't be more thankful. She ran at least 20 minutes a day during my surgery and beyond. Each day, she gave me her time and took a photo of her run to add to the log.

So we continue, Thanks to Joni and we will keep on keepin' on.

It only seems right with what I have gone through in the past week to make my Max Muscle Sports Nutrition of Boulder lesson this week about electrolytes. I am sure you hear about them all the time, but do you really know what they are? I mean really? or just that you need them.

These little guys are any compound that, in solution or in molten form, conduct electricity and are decomposed by it. They are an ionized substance in solution. They contain free ions that behave as an electrically conductive medium. All higher forms of life cannot exist without electrolytes, including humans.

In humans, electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, chloride, hydrogen phosphate, and hydrogen carbonate. They regulate our nerve and muscle function, our hydration, our blood pH, blood pressure, and the rebuilding of damaged tissue. Pretty important stuff eh!

Electrolyte levels can become too high or too low. They tend to change when our water levels change - hydration. When we exercise, we sweat and can lose electrolytes and need to replenish them.

So today it is just s lesson to make sure to hydrate and get those electrolytes in. Especially when you are sick and losing these. Look for these little guys in MM products in your next visit to the store.

For LIVESTRONG I want to show a neat thing that they do for those fighting and survivors. They have a huge focus on helping those that are suffering through a disease and those that are in remission to have a guidebook to help them manage their experiences. These are given free to anyone and are an awesome tool to help out. It is yet another element to help those that fight each and every day get on with their lives.

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Until next week!


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