The purpose of this blog is to attempt to run 365 days in a row to benefit LIVESTRONG. With the help of great nutrition advice, a solid running team, and the proper equipment, I hope to achieve this mission. The MINIMUM run is 20 minutes per day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 6 of 52

(CU Track meets summer 2009 - 800m dash)

WEEK 6: 39.40 Miles

3-21-11 / 50:00.90
3-22-11 / 20:00.08
3-23-11 / 21:00
3-24-11 / 35:45.17
3-25-11 / 50:59.34
3-26-11 / 57:35.22
3-27-11 / 1:38.53

Alright folks, so here you have the first week that was a biggie on the "challenging" side. I have been fighting a huge stomach issue for the past 13 days that seems to finally and hopefully have settled starting yesterday. Yesterday is the best I have felt yet so I am hoping we are officially on an up slope now.

This was a really good week to teach some that some weeks you have to just let go and let your body recover. If you push through you will most likely not make it through.

I had to let my running fall by the waist side and just jog around so that I could allow myself to come back around.

Most important thing is to be patient and just relax and take a chill pill. This is really hard for most runners to do but if they dont, then they will spend weeks in the hole.

Cheers to a up slope week next week and some new good additions to my posts will start up next week also with a nutrition lesson each week about how to properly fuel for your athletics thanks to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition as well as a tribute in some way to LIVESTRONG whether highlighting an individual or educating folks on LIVESTRONG.


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