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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 10 of 52

(Boulder Distance Classic - DNS)
(Dan Simpson Rockstar Photographer)
WEEK 10: 28.1 Miles
4-18-11 / run 20:00 / walk 90'
4-19-11 / run 20:00/ walk 90'
4-20-11 / run 20:00 / walk 90'
4-21-11 / run 20:00/ walk 90'
4-22-11 / run 20:00 / walk 150'
4-23-11 / run 70:00
4-24-11 /run 1:05.39

Well we are already working on week 2 of recovery from the surgery which is exciting. The doc said I could literally run the next day and it couldn't hurt a thing which y'all know from the last post, So I waited a couple days and started the jog process on Monday. Each day was easier and easier and faster and by Saturday I could do pick ups and not even feel a thing. That is just amazing the surgery advances that they have done in this day and age that you can bounce back like that. I mean cleared to run in a day? Holy moly. That was just too crazy for me to comprehend but by Tuesday it made sense. I was also required to walk 5 times a day to help wake up the system and keep things moving and help push the C02 out and it makes a huge difference with recovery. This actually became something to look forward to and was actually kind of reviving so I included the daily total in the daily recaps. I have been always staying in comfort and by Sunday I ran with one of my best buds Jason Faerman on the trails and didn't even feel like I had undergone surgery.

I know some of you know my passion for bar method and I have been banned from that until May 20th! Really sucks but following the doctors orders since as much of a shocker as I have full reins to run is to people I really do listen when I am told no. It is not worth it to do what the doc doesn't prescribe. I think I will follow the docs that went to medical school and have 8 diplomas all over their office. Sorry but it has funny to watch everyone tell you what you should and shouldn't do and all I can say is "where did you go to medical school?" Anyway, back to my lack of bar method, it will be that much more fun to see my friends on May 20th. Actually on April 19th, was my year anniversary from the tuck tuck squeeze squeeze and I cannot even believe how much my bod has transformed in a year and how different my strength and flexibility is in my hips, and legs and how much power it has given me. See y'all soon and can't wait to see the new studio!!

Today for my Max Muscle Sports Nutrition of Boulder Tip of the week I am going to tell you a little somethin' about that thing called water...

So many ask what can water really do for you and why is it so important? And so today I give you the 12 benefits/facts of drinking water. So go fill up a glass and take a seat and check it out:
  1. Regulates your Body Temperature
  2. Your Brain consists of 90% water
  3. Blood consists of 83% water
  4. It detoxifies your body
  5. Bone consists of 22% water
  6. It protects and moisturizes our joints
  7. Transports nutrients and oxygen into cells
  8. Moisturizes the air in our lungs
  9. Helps with metabolism
  10. Protects our organs
  11. Helps our organs to absorb nutrients better
  12. Muscle consists of 75% water

Does it make you want to go fill your glass up again? You should!

For my LIVESTRONG moment of the week I bring you a small Q&A:
  1. When was LAF YELLOW BAND CAMPAIGN: June, 2004
  2. When was LAF established: 1997
  3. When did LAF launch LIVESTRONG Day: 2004
  4. By 2005 how many wristbands were sold? more than 55 million
  5. What did LAF do in 2005 to give back beyond cancer: gave $500k to aid in Katrina
  6. When did LAF launch rides, runs, and other events across the nation with Team LIVESTRONG? 2006
  7. How many survivorship notebooks were given to survivors in '07: 34,000
  8. How many living after cancer treatment brochures were given in '07: 261,000
  9. How many grass roots events were held on LIVESTRONG Day in 2008: 620
  10. When did the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) decide to go by LIVESTRONG instead? 2009
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Cheers and LIVESTRONG!

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