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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WEEK 18 and WEEK 19

(Reno 5000, June 18th, 2011)

WEEK 18 and 19: 61 Days / 304 to go!

Hey there folks! Yep Yep I sound like a broken record but I literally have no idea how life is zooming by so fast. I literally feel like I have half the time that I used to have in a day and twice as much to accomplish. I am sure being out of town every weekend minus 1 since the beginning of April May have something to do with it :) I literally feel like I come home, unpack, do laundry, and re-pack. This weekend we will spend a mere 30 hours or so in Salida with my in-laws. I wish I could spend longer but our schedules are packed to the rim with friends and family visiting us this weekend. We are excited to throw a couple BBQ's to celebrate the long weekend as well. Salida is where Kyle grew up and it is one of my favorite places to run. I can't wait to go hit up all of my fave spots for 3 runs there. Yes all three weekend runs will be enjoyed in the SALIDA sun on Saturday and Sunday...YAY! We always visit our local fave spots too: Mama D's, Patio Pancake House, Common Grounds Coffee, and I have a new favorite Pizza Place too. It is a great place to in a way unwind and your phone barely works which is a plus too. Maybe I will just flat out turn it off. That would be a stretch though...

The past couple weeks have been fun filled and I even did two races. Placed 5th female in one and 6th female in another. I am learning how to really be a runner again and am being honest that patience is key as my body adapts to the new mileage and program and really learns to become strong and efficient. Day by day I am picking away at this goal to become an efficient and strong and steady machine for my race in September. I have a lot to learn about pacing and being in control and really learning to feel my efforts from the core and really get to know my running self inside and out. It is a great journey and I am enjoying it each and every day along with the great guys and gals at BX and the guide of Lee Troop that have kept me company along the journey.

This week for My Max Muscle Sports Nutrition tid bit I am keeping it short and sweet. Have you every sat there feeling starved while running in the morning? Have you ever wondered if you are eating enough or too much? have you ever struggled to get that last 5 pounds of fat off but just can't seem to do it? Have you ever wondered what your optimal weight should be to perform at your peak? Not only does Max Muscle have products for all types of athletes from those that seek long lean muscles and endurance to those that seek body building and those that seek just optimal health, but MM can also help you to reach your optimal goals with your body through personalized nutrition programs. I have been on my program for a few weeks now and the results are amazing and better yet, the knowledge about food and balancing nutrition through the day is giving me more energy and I am starting to see results in my waistline and in my athletic performance. So if anything, for starters, go in and check it out and have a consult to see what it is all about. This blog is not to be pushy or anything of the sort. This is literally me reaching out to others to show them a way that they can help learn more about nutrition and receive results they have been trying so hard to achieve as I am doing myself. Again, if you mention this post, you can receive some kudos: 15% off your next purchase and 20% off of orders that are $50 or more!

For my LIVESTRONG tidbit. I am introducing you to a mentor of mine named Les Mitton. He was a huge guide for me and especially with triathlon. He was so dear to our family and was such a fighter in so many ways. He brought so much love to us. I share my story of Les with you today as he was a huge reason why I became so involved in LIVESTRONG each and every day of my life moving forward. I think of him every day. This is my post that I wrote when I was training for the Chicago Marathon for Team LIVESTRONG and I ran 10 miles a day for 10 days to honor those that have fought, are fighting or have passed due to cancer.

It is also a realization that we all have lost someone to cancer or know of a few people fighting it right now. Please reach out to those folks and give them a call or think of them on this day.

Les was an extremely special family friend of ours that has known me with his wife Mandy since I was a wee one. Les was a huge support system for me and mentor with my racing in Triathlon and Duathlon. Mandy and Les were additionally a huge financial and emotional support for me during my World Championships in Duathlon in 2008 and beyond. Les was a true jewel and touches my heart still every day.

A better Place
(A saying from the memorial of Les Mitton)

There's a place
I've never seen
beyond this world we know,
A place I've only heard of
but someday hope to go-
It's not any map,
there are no roads
to take me there,
But it's a place of perfect peace
where hearts are free from care.
And though I understand
some may be addened
when I leave,
One day, we all will meet again -
that's what I believe...
When it's time to travel there,
I think I'll wear a smile,
I'll say good-bye to those I love,
but only for a while,
Knowing there are others
who have traveled there alone,
Who cannot wait to greet me
and whisper "Welcome home."

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