The purpose of this blog is to attempt to run 365 days in a row to benefit LIVESTRONG. With the help of great nutrition advice, a solid running team, and the proper equipment, I hope to achieve this mission. The MINIMUM run is 20 minutes per day.

Monday, June 6, 2011


(LIVESTRONG, tattoo to show my continued daily support. Inked in on what would have been Gene's (my step father) Birthday in 2010 shortly after the year anniversary of passing from a 4-year battle with cancer.)

WEEK 15: 33 Days / 332 left to go!

Hey there folks. A little behind in posts here as I evaluated a couple of things. So this one post for the week before last will be a bit different and one just laying down the new position of my blog. I will post twice this week due to the one missing last week.

This blog began as a mission to run 365 days in a row. Life will and has set backs and such, which I have already had with surgery, and in the end the primary reason for writing this blog is to weekly show my passion for LIVESTRONG as well as to pass along tips about nutrition as I gain the advice and tips from my partnership with Max Muscle Sports Nutrition of Boulder with an overlying goal to some day check off my bucket list that I ran 365 days in a row.

These two bigger passions come from my core and are something I want to give back to the community through my experiences. I reached to LIVESTRONG as a way to give back and have been extremely passionate about the organization since it's inception. I additionally suffered from a serious nutritional battle from 1996-2007 and hope to be able to give back so others do not go down the same route.

When it comes to LIVESTRONG, I have been touched by cancer so much in various ways that it is my passion to help give back to this organization as a means to make a difference and help those suffering through it in one way or another every day. After Gene's passing in January of 2009, I wanted to make more of an effort. In February of 2010, I had LIVESTRONG tattooed on my wrist to show my ongoing support and passion for giving back in any way I could to those dealing with cancer in one facet or another. My best friend Chris and I have been passionate about this organization together and each year he puts on an additional wrist band and we share our pride as buddy's trying to make a difference. So I will continue each week to show something about the organization or fighting cancer and will always have a donation page available on this blog if anyone wants to contribute.

Additionally, I believe that nutrition is extremely important in athletics and learned the hard way to find my way out of it. Here is my rock bottom with it all in 2005: I am the type that I wanted to come back up from it all and make a difference and help others out to not make the same mistakes I did. It took a long time but I am so very grateful to not suffer from this anymore and hope to open a door for others that suffer to walk through and do the same. So this year is the first year that I have decided to take a step forward beyond this article that I helped with in 2005 that went world wide and really help people with tools with food. I am not an expert and am more passing on what I learn from my experience and support from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition of Boulder and what I learn along the way. I am simply a runner that wants to run as fast as I am capable of with healthy fuel to do so. I want to help folks to see food as fuel and imagine yourself as a car that needs gas. You want to put the best gas you can in it so it runs as efficiently as it can. So each week, I will share a tid of knowledge I pick up along the way that I have found to be a key piece of info.

So in the end underneath it all it will be nice to someday accomplish running 365 days a year and I vow to post every week on nutrition and LIVESTRONG until I do so. Who knows how long this will take but at the beginning of each post it will show how many days in I am and how many weeks it will take to someday accomplish it. In the end health comes first and I have some really serious running goals on deck so if a day off is needed, the daily clock just starts over and the blog goes on.

Cheers to fighting for a cause, being healthy to our bodies by the fuel we put in it and the pure LOVE of running.

With heart,

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