The purpose of this blog is to attempt to run 365 days in a row to benefit LIVESTRONG. With the help of great nutrition advice, a solid running team, and the proper equipment, I hope to achieve this mission. The MINIMUM run is 20 minutes per day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WEEK 11 of 52

(outdoor divas / boulder tri babes Inaugural Spring Triathlon)

WEEK 11: 42.35 Miles

4-25-11 / 57:59.64
4-26-11 / OFF personally but 20:02 was accomplished- Required by the powers that be... Sooo since I was not allowed, my Husband took one for the team. Thank you so much hubby!!! I was devastated when I was told I had to take this day off and thankfully I just kept him company as we watched war of the worlds and he banged out 20 minutes in honor of this project :) And not to worry, I treated him to GB after so he was a happy camper...
4-27-11 / 35:02
4-28-11 / 40:23.68
4-29-11 / 35:00
4-30-11 / 50:00
5-1-11 / 90:00

So there you have it. Progressively getting back on the wagon. Day by day. I actually feel significantly better than I have during this whole process now that those two little toxic organs are gone. I can actually breath! yay! Amazing what happens when you are sick vs not. The scars are almost hard to see already. Totally amazing!

For my Max Muscle Sports Nutrition of Boulder lesson of the week I present L-Glutamine.

L-Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code. Its side chain is an amide formed by replacing the side-chain hydroxyl of glutamic acide with an amine functional group...

OK so for some facts beyond the super science side It is not an essential amino acid, yet can be conditionally essential in intensive athletic training or certain gastrointestinal disorders. It is good to take L-Glutamine after a work out to ensure tissue repair. It is also used to get rid of ammonia in the blood and it works to stabilize the protein after a workout. This helps individuals that put themselves through vigorous training constantly. It can also help with people who need help dealing with a high level of stress, certain health issues and lack of a proper diet. It also is used to support the immune system by letting the body handle a more intense workout. It provides a quick recovery of the muscles and the body plus it prevents the muscles from wasting due to overuse.

Good stuff!!

In the world of LIVESTRONG I introduce you to James Nelson which is the brother to one of my friends Sara Nelson who is running Chicago Marathon this year for Team LIVESTRONG. He is running in honor of his Grandmother Drummond, "Dee Dee" who passed from Ovarian Cancer. Check out his fundraising page here. Way to go James!

Until next week :)


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